January 23, 2019

The Asbestos Institute Releases Captivating New Infographic Entitled The Value Of Safety

The Asbestos Institute Releases Captivating New Infographic Entitled The Value Of Safety

OSHA Violations and related penalties are a real cost concern for businesses in the construction, fabrication, and manufacturing trades. The Asbestos Institute shares a new infographic showing just how smart it is to make safety a priority.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) – The Asbestos Institute, a Phoenix, AZ-based training company that acts as an education and training resource for a variety of industries, recently released an infographic that details the real costs involved when safety isn’t made a priority at the jobsite. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a federal agency that is tasked with enforcing safety and health laws across the nation. By establishing and reinforcing guidelines and rules regarding safe working conditions for American men and women (as well as those working in certain territories like Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico), OSHA can levy steep fines on companies that do not adhere to mandated safety protocols. The Asbestos Institute’s new infographic delivers a high impact message for businesses of all sizes – keep safety a priority!


Some of the topics addressed by the infographic include: The most frequently cited OSHA standards violations, OSHA penalties by company size, OSHA fines by industry, and a noteworthy facts and stats section. It is enlightening to see just how exposed smaller companies are to OSHA penalties – with businesses of 1-19 individuals seeing the majority of the citations. No matter the business size, it is important to understand the value of safety – $170 billion is lost each year alone due to occupational injuries and illnesses across the nation.

About The Asbestos Institute: The Asbestos Institute, Inc. is a comprehensive training center, located in Phoenix, Arizona, that seeks to educate and protect clients through a diverse group of classes and training seminars. Classes are available at the Phoenix location, or The Asbestos Institute, Inc. can arrange on-site, EPA-approved training meetings throughout the Western United States. Since 1988, the Asbestos Institute, Inc. has helped contractors, building inspectors, asbestos abatement workers, and more, to operate within federally accepted guidelines. The ultimate goal is to improve worker safety and minimize penalties through OSHA.


The Asbestos Institute Releases Captivating New Infographic Entitled The Value Of Safety

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