February 18, 2019

Asbestos found in Waukesha renovation project

WAUKESHA- A viewer contacted CBS 58 recently, concerned about whether she and her fellow tenants were being exposed to deadly Asbestos, we looked into it.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said on Wednesday that at least four workers at a renovation project at 260 South Street in Waukesha were exposed to Asbestos.

The DNR also did more tests at the site on Wednesday.

Mark Davis with the DNR said when the building owner, Berg Management, recently began renovating the garage portion of the building into downtown apartments, they violated NR-447, meaning an Asbestos inspection was not done prior to tearing out some ceilings and building materials.

He also added that materials were put in a dumpster and not properly disposed of.

Initial DNR samples showed Asbestos levels ranging from 19 to 24 percent, anything over one percent is regulated.

Berg Management explained that this may have been an oversight in their planning.

They currently have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Berg said that when they started construction they had all the valid permits from the city.

Construction is currently at a standstill as the investigation continues.

The company insists they will do the proper remediation and hope that construction will kick back up in one or two weeks.

Citations can be given in situations and, if it is serious enough, the Wisconsin Department of Justice can get involved.

The DNR thinks that a furnace may be spreading the asbestos to other tenants, but that isn’t conclusive at this point.

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Asbestos found in Waukesha renovation project

Shrader Law Announces New Shipyard Asbestos Resources

Shrader Law Announces New Shipyard Asbestos Resources

Individuals Affected By Asbestos Exposure Now Have Improved Options

Houston, TX (PRWEB) December 19, 2013

Shrader Law is a reputable law firm that specializes in mesothelioma litigation, and it now offers enhanced resources for those who were exposed to asbestos in shipyards.

Whether individuals have been suffering with mesothelioma for months or years or are just starting to show symptoms of mesothelioma related to asbestos exposure, they can obtain the information they need through Shrader Law. The law firm’s website provides individuals with enhanced resources regarding where shipyard asbestos exposure took place, dates when individuals may have been exposed to it, and common symptoms that individuals who have been exposed to this material may exhibit. Individuals often want to know more about their potential exposure to asbestos before talking to a lawyer about their rights, and they can find the information they need online at Shrader Law’s website.

Shrader Law is a full-service litigation firm that specializes in all types of asbestos cases. The firm understands what it takes to successfully obtain a settlement through negotiations or a ruling in the client’s favor in a courtroom. From the initial consultation, when a lawyer will review the client’s rights and options in detail, to the final stage of a court ruling, this is a law firm that will stand by its clients while also fighting for their rights and interests.

Exposure to asbestos can ultimately lead to the development of mesothelioma, a serious and life-threatening condition. This form of cancer can cause pain and suffering, expensive medical bills and heartbreak for friends and family of the individual. Those who have been affected by asbestos exposure should learn more about their rights. Shrader Law is a reputable law firm that has successfully represented the interests and fought for the rights of many clients over the years, and it continues to fight for clients’ rights in asbestos cases today.


Shrader Law is a widely known litigation firm that specializes in personal injury law, and it has considerable experience trying asbestos-related cases. The law firm strives to achieve the best results for its clients as permitted under the law, and its experience in these cases can be invaluable. When an individual believes that he or she has been affected negatively by asbestos exposure, Shrader Law can help. The law firm can be reached by phone at 713-782-0000.

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Shrader Law Announces New Shipyard Asbestos Resources

Quebec's asbestos promotion policy may be ending

Quebec’s government appears to be on the verge of officially turning its back on the asbestos industry, according to comments made by the province’s natural resource minister.

The ministry wants to end an 11-year-old policy of encouraging the use of asbestos in Quebec construction projects and is publicly questioning the implications of exporting chrysotile asbestos.

“If even in Quebec, with all the monitoring bodies, we can’t see any case for which there is a safe use of asbestos, how can we ensure that it is used safely when we export it?” Natural Resources Minister Martine Ouellet said.

When the “policy concerning the increased and safe use of chrysotile asbestos” was in introduced in 2002, the Parti Québécois government declared: “Unequivocally, we believe the future of asbestos and asbestos products can play a leading role in many specific sectors.”

It addressed non-friable asbestos products, or ones where the fibre is firmly locked in solid mass and cannot normally escape.

That policy was designed to stimulate demand for chrysotile asbestos. It was aimed at government ministries, Crown corporations, municipalities as well as health and social service facilities.

That policy is still in force but, Ouellet said, it simply doesn’t make sense in 2013.

“I don’t think we’re there anymore,” she said.

Ouellet wants a full review of the policy and is hoping to officially introduce a new one in the coming months.

The future of asbestos mining in Quebec ground to a halt earlier this year after the newly elected government of Pauline Marois announced it would not honour a commitment of the previous government to lend the Jeffery Mine $58 million to restart production.

The government said instead it would rather put that money into economic diversification projects in the area.

At the end of March, the province’s health minister announced that the government would make public a list of buildings that contain asbestos.

That announcement came after a freedom of information request filed by Radio-Canada yielded a list of 180 health care sites in Quebec known to contain the carcinogenic fibre.

As recently as 2010, Canada was producing 150,000 tonnes of asbestos annually, all of it in Quebec, and exporting 90 per cent — worth about $90 million — to developing countries.

More than 50 countries ban the mining and use of asbestos because it causes cancer, but Canada, traditionally a major exporter, has successfully lobbied in the past to keep it off a UN list of hazardous substances.

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Quebec's asbestos promotion policy may be ending