January 21, 2019

Asbestos removal clears the way for use of old fire hall

The old fire hall has been cleared of asbestos and is ready for a tenant to take it over.

“The asbestos at the fire hall has been dealt with,” CAO Wayne Staudt said at the Sept. 15 council meeting. “So we have got a report from the consultant firm that oversaw the work.”

Staudt said that meant the building is now ready for any kind of construction work or a tenant.

While a Memorandum of Understand has been signed between the City of Cranbrook and the Cranbrook and District Arts Council, CAO Wayne Staudt confirmed that there are still “no definite plans for any group to move into the old fire hall at this time.”

At the end of August the city received a project closure report from Peak Environment Ltd, the professional consultant hired to oversee the project including the monitoring and inspecting services.

Peak Environment Ltd has certified that the building can be reoccupied without concerns regarding possible asbestos exposure.

Napp Enterprises was selected to perform the removal of hazardous and regulated materials.

The work was performed in accordance with WorkSafe BC’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulations regarding asbestos and other hazardous materials.

The project is reported to be coming in under budget, with the project expected to come in at $110,000. The initial budget was $130,000.

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Asbestos removal clears the way for use of old fire hall

Spencers Solicitors: Asbestos Victims to Be Denied Justice in New Mesothelioma Bill

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwired – May 9, 2013) – Asbestos victims are set to be denied the right to receive the compensation they fully deserve on the Mesothelioma Bill outlined in the Queen’s Speech yesterday. It was announced that sufferers of mesothelioma, only one type of asbestos-related cancer, will receive compensation where no liable employer or insurer can be traced. This means that those suffering from other forms of asbestos-related cancer, such as asbestosis, will be excluded from receiving similar compensation.

Commenting on the Bill, John Spencer, Director of Spencers Solicitors, a leading personal injury claimant law firm based in Chesterfield, said:

“All victims of asbestos related disease should receive the urgent compensation they deserve. It appears that the future fund announced in yesterday’s Queen’s speech will not go anywhere near far enough in ensuring justice for all victims of asbestos.

“Support for mesothelioma victims is long overdue, but it is not right that those who suffer other lung cancers or conditions caused by asbestos may get nothing under the proposed legislation. We urge MPs and Peers to amend the legislation to tackle this injustice.”

Unfortunately the injustice does not stop there. For those that can claim under the new legislation, only those who are diagnosed with mesothelioma from 25 July 2012 can make a claim. This denies compensation to the thousands of people who have already been diagnosed with mesothelioma before summer last year.

The Government estimates that more than 300 mesothelioma sufferers a year currently lose out on compensation because they are unable to trace a liable employer or employers’ liability insurer. The new scheme, funded by insurers, estimates that around 3,500 mesothelioma victims across the UK will be eligible to receive approximately £300m in payments in the first 10 years of the fund.

John Spencer said of implementing the new legislation:

“It is of paramount importance that the Bill is introduced as early as possible and implemented speedily in order for inflicted victims to be given the compensation they urgently need.

“The sad reality is that any delay to implementing the legislation might mean that many of those applying to the fund might die before they receive any award.”

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Spencers Solicitors (www.spencerssolicitors.com) is one of the UK’s leading firms of personal injury solicitors. Based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Spencers is committed to protecting its clients’ best interests by putting duty before profit, and campaigning for justice for those affected by negligence and statutory breach, and for the improvement of professional standards and business practices within the personal injury system.


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Spencers Solicitors: Asbestos Victims to Be Denied Justice in New Mesothelioma Bill