February 23, 2019

Locals criticise asbestos waste plan

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Locals criticise asbestos waste plan

Thetford mother’s fear over asbestos risk

Thetford mother’s fear over asbestos risk

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
7:56 AM

A mother of two has said described her fears for her children’s health after a housing association carried out work to remove asbestos from a burnt-out garage near her home.

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Rebecca Capell, of Saxon Close, Thetford, was sat in her garden with her children, four-year-old Haiden and one-year-old Paige, while contractors sent by Flagship Housing worked on garages that back on to her house, without warning to residents.

Ms Capell said she noticed the workmen were wearing face masks as they removed roofing and realised it was partly asbestos.

She said she was worried the dust from the asbestos may have passed into her garden and been breathed in by her children.

“They should have been telling us to keep the windows and doors shut. Luckily I knew the roofs had asbestos in them so I took my children straight inside but it was a sunny day and if we hadn’t known we could have been out there the whole time they were working.

“Asbestos is not nice stuff and they have put mine and my children’s health at risk,” she said.

Ms Capell added that she has since spoken to her doctor who informed her any effects from asbestos would not develop for several years.

The workmen were removing the roofs from garages that had burnt down after a fire on August 31.

The blaze had started just days after residents had warned Flagship – who own the garages – that people had been fly-tipping there and that the area needed to be cleared.

Ms Capell said she has since had Flagship Housing’s health and safety officer visit her house and apologise for not warning residents of the asbestos removal.

However, she said it was not an official apology and she is yet to hear from the housing association otherwise.

A spokeswoman for Flagship said the type of asbestos being removed meant that Ms Capell had no reason to be concerned.

“We take any works containing asbestos very seriously and always use professional contractors who work within strict health and safety guidelines.

“In this case, our contractors were removing low level asbestos containing material, and with no wider risk to the public, it was not necessary to notify all properties within the area.

“If any members of the public have any questions on such works we happily discuss this with them,” she said.



Thetford mother’s fear over asbestos risk

Asbestos removal underway at some Guilford County Schools

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C.– A handful of Guilford County schools are part of an extensive asbestos removal project this summer.

“We have approximately 91 schools that contain asbestos in some form or another,” explained GCS Project Manager Ernest King.

King says they are working to remove asbestos from 30 schools this summer. He hopes the rest of schools can be complete on weekends during the school year or next summer when kids are out for break.

“All the kids, teachers, whoever is there we want to make sure that they’re safe,” he said.

King explained unexposed asbestos is not hazardous for people in the schools day-to day. However, when tiles or carpets are disturbed during demolition or renovations, asbestos fibers can be released into the air.

“During the process and after it’s over, we have air monitoring where a third-party company comes in to check the air,” King added.

Principal Mark Harris works at Peeler Open Elementary School and is excited to have new carpeting in the office, media center and computer lab.

“Peeler’s an open school so here, kids lay on the carpet and read, they move around, it’s not like a traditional school where folks just sit in rows,” Harris said.

GCS says there are 91 schools and 11 administrative buildings containing asbestos, mostly in floor tiles and carpeting.

“If you’re gonna have asbestos in a building, floor tile is where you prefer to have because it’s a low content of asbestos. Normally ranges from 1-2%,” explained King.

“We are thankful to have this done,” added Harris.

Schools involved in the asbestos removal project this summer:

  • Academy at Central
  • Alderman Elementary
  • Allen Jay Elementary
  • Allen Middle
  • Bluford Elementary
  • Brooks Global Studies
  • Colfax Elementary
  • Cone Elementary
  • Frazier Elementary
  • Guilford Middle
  • High Point Central High
  • Hunter Elementary
  • Kiser Middle
  • Jamestown Elementary
  • Johnson Street Global Studies K-8 Magnet
  • Joyner Elementary
  • Madison Elementary
  • Millis Road Elementary
  • Murphey Traditional Academy
  • Nathanael Greene
  • Northeast Middle
  • Peeler Elementary
  • Pleasant Garden Elementary
  • Sedgefield Elementary
  • Shadybrook Elementary
  • Southwest Middle
  • Sternberger Elementary
  • Sumner Elementary
  • Twilight Academy
  • Welborn Middle

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Asbestos removal underway at some Guilford County Schools