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Aviation Authority looks to recover losses from asbestos removal

By Liz Segrist
Published May 15, 2014

The Charleston County Aviation Authority’s board is looking to recover losses from nearly $670,000 in asbestos remediation at the Charleston International Airport.

Construction crews discovered the asbestos earlier this year during a renovation project. The waterproofing substance that contained the cancer-causing materials was sandwiched between several brick walls at the front of the airport, said Matt McCoy of Michael Baker Inc. during the authority’s board meeting Thursday.

Construction and asbestos abatement continue as part of the Charleston International Airport’s renovation project. (Photo/Liz Segrist)Construction and asbestos abatement continue as part of Charleston International Airport’s renovation project. (Photo/Liz Segrist)

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Contractors were unaware of it until the walls were demolished as part of the

Terminal Redevelopment Improvement Program

. The aviation authority voted Thursday to approve the $670,000 needed to remove the asbestos from the airport.

The board plans to investigate what company or contractor was responsible for using the asbestos-containing material when the terminal was built in 1982, as well as whether the material that was used was legal at the time.

“The asbestos problem bothers me a lot because it was not expected on our construction project, and it should not have been used in 1982,” Airports Director Paul Campbell said.

Arnold Goodstein, the authority’s legal counsel, said there’s a good chance the authority could get some financial reimbursements if they discover who is responsible for using the materials during construction more than three decades ago.

“Once we dig into it and figure out who provided it and who purchased it, we will go from there,” Goodstein said.

Asbestos abatement will delay project’s completion by one month to September 2015.

The board has allocated roughly $1.85 million of its $11.5 million contingency funds thus far for change orders needed for unexpected changes during the construction process.

2015 fiscal year budget

The authority’s total revenue for fiscal year 2015 is projected to be roughly $38.5 million, up 8% from fiscal year 2014. The authority approved its budget for fiscal year 2015, beginning July 1, during the meeting.

The operating revenue for fiscal year 2015 is projected to increase to roughly $33 million, up 8.1% from the year prior. Revenue from parking fees and rental cars continue to be the largest revenue producers for the authority, Finance Director Judi Olmstead said.

Projected revenue for parking for next year is $10.5 million, up 13.9%. Fuel sales are expected to increase by 23% to roughly $1.3 million in projected revenue.

The authority expects its operating expenses to increase by 5.4% from personnel costs, benefits, administrative services, utilities, contractual services and insurance, professional and legal fees.

The budget includes plans for three staff additions, including a staff attorney that would report to the airports director, a legal assistant and a maintenance planner. There will be five title changes in the engineering department, but they will not impact the budget.

The aviation authority’s budget projections are based, in part, on the $200 million renovation project underway at the airport and an increase in both passengers and flights at the airport.

About 622,000 passengers have arrived or departed from the airport during the first quarter of 2014, up 14.5% from the same time in 2013. For fiscal year 2015, the authority forecasts 2.9 million passengers will pass through the airport.

The airport currently has 18 daily non-stop destinations. The American Airlines and U.S. Airways merger is creating some opportunity at the local airport as the airline shifts around flights.

JetBlue Airways will add two nonstop flights from the Charleston airport to the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport outside Washington, D.C., starting June 19. Southwest is considering the addition of nonstop service to the Charleston airport as well if it acquires two additional gates at Dallas Love Field.

Renovations update

The authority expects that the renovations will have passengers spending more money at the new concessions and shops, as well as renting more cars through the new rental car pavilion.

“About a year from now, you will see a significant change at the airport. … We will be about 80% complete with the project by June,” Campbell said.

The renovation project will upgrade the airport’s baggage claim areas, security checkpoints and terminals, as well as a new rental car center.

The second floor of the Central Energy Plant is now finished. Construction continues at Concourse B for the new B4 gate.

The third new baggage carousel recently opened. The next phase for the baggage claim area will be to raise the ceiling.

Construction has caused some issues for airlines’ baggage operations and the airport looks to finish construction as quickly as possible, said Michael Pena, chairman of the Terminal Redevelopment Improvement Program committee.

Reach staff writer Liz Segrist at 843-849-3119 or @lizsegrist on Twitter.

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Aviation Authority looks to recover losses from asbestos removal

Reconstruction Unravels Asbestos in Charleston Airport, Florida Asbestos Testing Firm – AGC Environmental – Gives …

…like its mold inspection and testing and other environmental services, it[AGC Environmental] pointed out that it is implemented by an expert in accordance to the Florida state guidelines.

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) January 23, 2014

An asbestos problem was recently discovered in Charleston Airport. In connection with it, AGC Environmental, a Florida asbestos testing company, gave out an advise how the public could early detect its presence and avoid its health risks.

A report from postandcourier.com dated January 22, 2014, said that it was the recent renovations being done in the airport that led to the discovery of asbestos. It detailed that it was particularly found at the front wall of the building, the outside wall of Concourse A and a number of other areas.

Nonetheless, John Connell, deputy director of engineering and planning for the Charleston County Aviation Authority, said in the report that the airport is safe for the public. He detailed that the asbestos was not in the public sections of the building and they were already proceeding to the removal of it. Moreover, it was said that the areas were already barricaded and the employees were informed about it as well.

Below is an excerpt from the said report.

“Charleston International Airport is monitoring air quality in some construction areas of the terminal after asbestos-laced materials were discovered during demolition on two exterior walls.

The two areas include the front wall, which is being ripped away to be replaced with glass to allow more light into the building, and behind the outside wall of Concourse A. That area is being expanded to include a new consolidated security checkpoint and upper-floor administrative offices.”

Exposure to asbestos could cause several health problems, including cancer, said AGC Environmental. And so, it commented that it’s a good thing officials were prompt in taking care of the asbestos in Charleston Airport.

However, it stated that asbestos could be present not just in huge buildings. It said that it could also be found even in houses and pose threats to anyone’s health.

With that said, AGC Environmental stated that it is important to detect the fibrous mineral’s presence early on. That way, its negative effects, particularly to health, could be prevented, it said. And to get that done, it stressed that an asbestos testing is needed.

For a Florida asbestos testing that is truly efficient though, the company only recommended its own. That’s because, like its mold inspection and testing and other environmental services, it pointed out that it is implemented by an expert in accordance to the Florida state guidelines.

Not just that. In addition, it cited that its asbestos expert witnesses also offer detailed report and advises about the problem. Those things, it stated, could be used in court room appearances regarding asbestos.

To learn more about it, AGC environmental invites the public to visit its website at http://agcenvironmental.com.

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Reconstruction Unravels Asbestos in Charleston Airport, Florida Asbestos Testing Firm – AGC Environmental – Gives …