October 22, 2018

State fines contractor over asbestos removal at Worcester home

The state Department of Environmental Protection has fined a Jamaica Plain company about $18,000 for asbestos removal violations at a Worcester residence.

According to the DEP, during a September 2012 inspection, DEP inspectors saw employees of Envirogreen, a state-licensed asbestos contractor, removing asbestos-containing siding shingles from a multi-family residence on Reeves Street. The shingles were seen being removed without any attempt to minimize breakage or to carefully lower them to the ground, according to the DEP. The agency said inspectors saw shattered, asbestos-containing shingles uncontained on the ground.

State regulations require that contractors remove siding shingles containing the known carcinogen wet, take adequate precautions to minimize breakage, carefully lower them to the ground, and seal the asbestos waste in leak-tight containers that have appropriate warnings attached to them, according to the DEP.

Under the terms of the negotiated settlement, Envirogreen must follow all state asbestos requirements, and pay $10,000 of the assessed penalty. The DEP said it has agreed to suspend $8,312.50 of that penalty provided the company does not have repeat violations for one year.

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State fines contractor over asbestos removal at Worcester home

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