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Questions Asked Over Dumping of Asbestos

Questions Asked Over Dumping of Asbestos

Denis O’Rourke MP
Spokesperson for
Christchurch Earthquake Issues
12 February 2014

Questions Asked Over Dumping of

New Zealand First is calling on
Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee to deny that
toxic asbestos waste is being transported from quake-hit
Christchurch to Southland, or that it soon will be.

the Minister deny that there is a proposal to cart
asbestos-contaminated material to a substandard
landfill?,” asks spokesperson for Christchurch Earthquake
Issues Denis O’Rourke.

“Can the Minister reassure New
Zealanders that all asbestos-containing materials will be
permanently dumped in a properly built and designated

facility and put an end to the rumours that are

“Can the Minister confirm that material
containing asbestos will not be transported in containers,
trucks or wagons that have not been specifically built for
the purpose?

“Authorities warn that there is a health
risk associated with asbestos if it is exposed or damaged.

Breathing in fibres can lead to breathing difficulties and
even lung cancer. If asbestos is left undisturbed it is
considered safe.

“That’s why there are guidelines for
safe work practices and transportation.

has a purpose built, multi-million dollar landfill at Kate
Valley with trucks specially designed to carry waste to the
site north of Christchurch.

“There is no need to be
shopping around for a cut-price deal to get rid of the
Christchurch stockpiles.

“There is no need to even
consider transporting asbestos-contaminated materials in
unsuitable containers to an inferior facility.

“With the
demolition of an unprecedented number of buildings
containing asbestos in Christchurch, safety is of paramount

“New Zealand First calls on the Minister to
provide reassurances to the people of Canterbury, Southland
and places in between on the handling, transporting and
dumping of asbestos-contaminated material,” says Mr


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Questions Asked Over Dumping of Asbestos

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