November 15, 2018

Port Kembla stack cleared of asbestos

All the asbestos in the stack was removed last month, according to Port Kembla Copper general manager Ian Wilson.

With the stack scheduled for demolition on September 5, there has been some concern voiced in the community about the continued presence of asbestos.

Mr Wilson said they found 22 aluminium asbestos gaskets while preparing for demolition in 2011

The discovery forced an extended delay while PKC worked out a new plan.

Port Kembla stack demolition plan revealed

Ultimately, PKC decided to use a demolition company to remove the gaskets prior to felling the stack and this has been carried out by Precision Demolition.

“They’ve been busy since about February up until July and they’ve now removed all those aluminium asbestos gaskets,” Mr Wilson said.

During investigations of the site, with the help of Wollongong company Clearsafe Environmental Solutions, two structures at the base of the stack where asbestos had been used were discovered, he said.

“In the course of the next week those two remaining locations will have the asbestos removed,” he said.

“We’ll get Clearsafe back in and the entire structure will be given a full clearance for asbestos and then there will be absolutely no asbestos remaining in the structure.”

Mr Wilson dismissed the claims that the stack’s bricks contained asbestos.

“Those are strange stories that have been made up. I don’t know where they have come from.”

The issue of the stack demolition was raised in a heated meeting of Wollongong City Council on Monday night. Councillors raised concerns about the demolition and passed a motion to write to Planning Minister Brad Hazzard and request confirmation that all planning requirements and conditions relating to the stack’s demolition were being complied with.

Mr Wilson said that PKC was meeting all of its requirements.

“Yep. There’s no point in me elaborating on that because that’s the position that we fully expect.

“We will be able to demonstrate compliance with all the consent provisions.”

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Port Kembla stack cleared of asbestos

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