February 23, 2019

Non-asbestos fiber cement product gets ‘Green Choice’

The seal of approval of Green Choice Philippines, the country’s national eco-labeling program, was awarded to Shera’s non-asbestos fiber cement products.

Shera is the first fiber cement brand from Thailand that has been awarded the Green Choice Philippines seal.

June M. Alvarez (third from left) and Maureen Grace Lebria (fifth from left) of the Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development pose with Dr. Wichit Prakaypan, Senior Expert of Shera and his team during a recent site visit to the brand’s factory in Lopburi, Thailand, in line with the renewal process of the brand’s Green Choice Philippines certification.

The National Eco-labeling Program of the Philippines-Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP) awarded the seal to Shera last Sept. 1.

The NELP-GCP is the government’s response to the need to change consumer preferences by emphasizing the responsiveness of the corporation and its products to the environment.

“We strove to renew Shera’s certification because we wanted to reiterate that, through our firm commitment to quality and eco-friendly fiber cement products, Filipino homebuilders and homeowners deserve nothing short of the best,” said Sarat Khiatbanlue, president, ASEAN II of the Mahaphant Group, the maker of Shera.

A three-year license to use the Green Choice Philippines eco-label is given to products and services that meet the criteria of the NELP-GCP. Shera has maintained the seal of approval since 2008 for continuously meeting the standards set for fiber cement products.

The current seal was conferred following a recent inspection of the brand’s manufacturing facilities in Lopburi, Thailand by the Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development (PCEPSDI), the administrator of the NELP-GCP.

The evaluation covered the non-asbestos fiber cement production process, including raw material sourcing, machinery systems, and recycling process, among others.

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Non-asbestos fiber cement product gets ‘Green Choice’

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