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Locomotives return after asbestos scare

Locomotives return after asbestos scare

Published: 8:24PM Monday March 17, 2014 Source: ONE News

  • KiwiRail locomotives. (Source: ONE News)

    KiwiRail locomotives. – Source: ONE News

KiwiRail is reassuring staff that the level of asbestos in its Chinese-built freight trains is minimal.

Forty new DL locomotives have been tested for asbestos after toxic fibres were found inside one last month.

The tests have found the potentially deadly material is only present in five trains in its fleet.

KiwiRail maintains the risk of exposure to any airborne fibres is low so it will bring the trains back into service soon.

It says it is in the process of removing the packing material where the asbestos was found in all of the locomotives before they are returned to service.

The scare saw freight movement around the country limited as the locomotives underwent testing.

Chief executive Peter Reidy says the lack of capacity is still causing supply chain issues for many industries and businesses.

“The DL locomotives are the workhorse of our fleet and without their pulling power all customers are feeling the lack of capacity,” he said.

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    Locomotives return after asbestos scare

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