Asbestos led to the removal of Wittenoom's status as a town in 2007.

Asbestos led to the removal of Wittenoom’s status as a town in WA in 2007.

Asbestos may have been banned from Australian manufacturing since the mid-1980s but the effects continue to be felt beyond the initial victims and decades after the prohibition of the deadly fibres.

The Asbestos Narratives, released by Southern Cross University, considered the social and psychological impacts of the asbestos disease and, of all groups facing challenges, the disease had a greater impact on women.

“Women are likely to form a significant proportion of the emerging third wave of exposure to asbestos and may suffer considerable hardship as a result,” project leader and the university’s director of Regional Initiative for Social Innovation and Research, Associate Professor Rick van der Zwan said.

“The medical effects of this disease are well researched, but little has been known about the social, psychological and economic implications for those diagnosed, their carers and their families.