December 11, 2018

Canterbury can't be left with asbestos legacy – Dyson

Labour’s Canterbury Earthquake Recovery spokesperson Ruth Dyson has renewed a call for an asbestos register in light of major concerns about future exposure.

It follows meetings between building industry leaders from New Zealand and Australia in Christchurch this week to discuss the dangers asbestos poses in the rebuild.

“It is estimated that asbestos in the ceilings of at least 4000 earthquake damaged homes has been encased behind plasterboard rather than being removed.

“Current property owners know what’s in their ceilings, but there is no onus on them to notify future owners.

“Workshops are being held for contractors handling asbestos but that doesn’t help future do-it-yourselfers.

“It is a potentially lethal substance. To ignore the risk it poses is negligence at its worst.

“A register to identify all houses which have encased asbestos should be set up and any properties on the list should remain on it until the asbestos has been removed.

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Canterbury can't be left with asbestos legacy – Dyson

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