February 20, 2019

Bridges must act to ban importation of asbestos

Bridges must act to ban importation of asbestos

Bridges must act to ban importation of asbestos

CTU is calling on Minister Simon Bridges to act on the eve
of Mesothelioma* Day (*Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by
exposure to asbestos fibres).

“Today in
Parliament, MP Andrew Little tabled an asbestos containing
product which was able to be easily purchased over the
counter from a retail store. Minister Bridges commented that
“The Ministry for the Environment is doing an inventory”
of asbestos containing products – but we don’t need a
list – we need a ban!” CTU President, Helen Kelly

“Minister Bridges can and should act to ban
the importation of this deadly substance – our nation’s
biggest workplace killer with an estimated 170 deaths
annually and that this will rise to over 300 as the results
of the ‘asbestos boom’ of the 1970s take their toll –
the same as the road toll. Workers are being exposed to a
deadly substance and paying the ultimate price. This is
unacceptable.” Kelly said.
“There is an easy fix.
Today in Parliament Minister Bridges said that “this is a
complex matter… we have a sufficient regime currently in
place”. We do not accept this, and the hundreds of people
who are signing our petition calling on a ban on asbestos
containing products agree.” Kelly said.


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Bridges must act to ban importation of asbestos

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