March 26, 2019

Asbestos to be removed from Towneley Hall

Asbestos to be removed from Towneley Hall

Lancashire Telegraph: Towneley Hall is set for changes

Towneley Hall is set for changes

ASBESTOS is to be removed from Towneley Hall while it is closed to the public next month.

A survey of the historic hall identified small amounts of asbestos left from previous removals.

That will now be cleared while the hall is closed in January, with improvements being made to the National History Gallery.

Mick Cartledge, director of community services at Burnley Council, said: “A routine management survey at Towneley ahead of the new developments on the Natural History Gallery identified some residue from previous asbestos removals.

“This is in the non-public areas of the Hall, namely the cellars and boiler room. This will be removed in the form of an environmental clean.

“This clean will be carried at the same time as the planned closure of the Hall for the major revamp the Hall’s National History Gallery. The clean will be complete for the Hall reopening to the public on February 1.”

During January Towneley staff will be working hard to install a new Natural History gallery and display, and to create a new exhibition gallery. Arts Council funding as part of the Pennine Lancashire Museum partnership, will see new family friendly displays and activity areas installed. Visitors to the hall from February will also be able to view new interpretation panels and displays.

Coun John Harbour, Burnley Council’s executive member for leisure and culture, said: “The new year is going to see some great changes made to Towneley Hall.”

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Asbestos to be removed from Towneley Hall

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