March 19, 2019

Asbestos law could net Wales NHS £1m a year

A new Bill passed by the National Assembly for Wales will enable the Welsh NHS to recover the medical costs of treating diseases caused by asbestos.

Wrexham Assembly Member Lesley Griffiths has welcomed the Bill which will now complete the final stages of the legislative process and become law.

It is estimated the new law could raise up to £1 million a year for the Welsh NHS.

The Bill will place an obligation on employers who exposed workers to deadlyasbestos and insurance companies, requiring them to reimburse the NHS in Wales for the cost of treating those asbestos victims.

Hundreds of Welsh workers suffer from asbestos related diseases and exposure to asbestos has caused thousands more deaths over the past decades. The rare but deadly cancer Mesothelioma is commonly caused by exposure to asbestos and it is estimated the human cost will continue for decades with the peak in mortality not expected until at least 2015.

Lesley Griffiths AM for Wrexham commented: “The cost of treating asbestos related diseases places significant financial strain on the Welsh NHS so this Bill is a major step forward and will offer greater support to the victims and their families.”

“The new law will help raise awareness and understanding of the dangers of asbestos and improve the quality of life for those who have suffered from the terrible diseases.”

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Asbestos law could net Wales NHS £1m a year

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