December 11, 2018

Asbestos cleanup at Calvin Coolidge Elementary School

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Asbestos cleanup at Calvin Coolidge Elementary School

Administrators in the Binghamton City School District are working to clean up asbestos at Calvin Coolidge Elementary School. Our Melissa Kakareka has the latest on what it could mean for students and staff in the elementary school.

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BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — Calvin Coolidge Elementary School remains closed after the discovery of asbestos, but school officials want to get the building reopened as quickly as possible.

On Tuesday, the school board voted to declare the site an emergency to help speed up that cleanup process.

“By doing so, we don’t have to go to competitive bid. We can hire an abatement company in a much quicker fashion so we can start the process faster,” said Assistant Superintendent for Administration Karry Mullins.

The asbestos was found in a basement crawl space at the end of July and that area was immediately sealed off. Air tests were performed at the building and elevated levels of asbestos were found in some areas. The school was closed last week and summer programs were relocated.

“We’re meeting with health consultants. We are in the process of determining what the protocol should be for students and staff and people who may have been in the building,” said Mullins.

District officials are waiting on guidance from the state about how the cleanup process should move forward.

Mullins said, “We expect to have that direction by the Department of Labor by the end of the week. Based on their protocol, based on the visual assessments and guidelines, we’ll know what we have to do as far as the reordering of supplies and what has to be destroyed and what can be cleaned.”

It’s also unclear whether students will need to be relocated for the start of the new school year.

“We don’t have enough information to make that determination. We are starting to look at other spaces in case it becomes an issue, but we don’t have enough information yet,” said Mullins.

Administrators say they will release information to students, parents and staff as they find out more answers about the required work.

Testing was also done at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary because some materials were moved from Calvin Coolidge to that school. That building reopened Monday.


Asbestos cleanup at Calvin Coolidge Elementary School

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